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ASEAN, officially the “Association of Southeast Asian Nations” was established in 1967 via the “Bangkok Declaration”. Comprising Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand as the original founding members, ASEAN has grown to include 10 nations with the joining of Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.

ASJA-MEXT Students from the 10 ASEAN nations organize an ASEAN Festival every two years, introducing the rich variety of culture to the people of Japan by presenting a variety of exhibits and performances, and has received positive reviews for the past times the ASEAN Festival was organized.

The ASEAN Festival 2021 will be held online via Zoom Webinar due to Covid-19 considerations, on the 28th November 2021 (Sunday).

This year, the theme of the festival will be「流れ:ASEAN’s Connecting Waters」, and we look forward to having your presence at this year’s festival.



「ASEAN’s Connecting Waters」
an Event Project by ASJA International Students


ASJA International


28th November 2021, 14:00-17:30 (Japan time)


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Time Schedule

14:00 Welcome address
14:10 Safety first: Handwashing Dance
14:15 The ASEAN Matsuri 2021 Story
14:20 Story proper 流れ:ASEAN’s Connecting Waters
14:21 Deluge 氾濫: Mythical stories from Cambodia and Vietnam
14:40 Aquatic 水上: Floating Market
14:50 Ripple 波紋: ASJA Tiktok Dance
14:55 Torrent 奔流: Waterworld Fashion Show
15:15 Sail 航海: The Sound of ASEAN
15:25 Stream 流水: Loy Krathong Play
15:40 BREAK
16:00 Rhythm of the waters: Collaboration with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Philippines Cultural Dance Troupe
16:15 ASJA: Bridging Japan and South East Asia
16:20 Game Show: Test your knowledge on Southeast Asian culture and geography!
16:35 Words of Gratitude
16:40 Summer Getaway
16:45 Closing address(-17:30)

The times are tentative and subject to change.


– 流れ:ASEAN’s Connecting Waters –

“ASEAN” – Countries of vibrant traditions, sumptuous cuisine, great shopping, kind people, all of which you can find around breathtaking waters. From pristine white-sand beaches to long winding rivers, water is an indispensable source of life and the element that brought forth many Southeast Asian civilizations. The peoples of the region subsist on rich aquatic resources and water-irrigated fields, and celebrate many water-related traditional festivals, such as Cambodia’s Bon Om Touk, Thailand’s Loy Krathong and Songkran Festival, Myanmar’s Thingyan, the Philippines’s Pista ng San Juan, and Pagoda Festival among many others. It is also water that connects Southeast Asian nations, not only through of trade routes, but also through shared beliefs, customs, and ways of living. Water is life, and the peoples of Southeast Asia are keen on conserving aquatic resources and marine ecosystems in consonance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Are you ready to plunge into exciting waters? Let the ASJA-MEXT students take you on an incredible cruise as you discover more about the aquatic world of ASEAN!

We look forward to your participation!


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Preview of Program

Stage Performances

  • One-act play featuring the Thailand’s famous Loy Krathong festival of floating lamps
  • Mythical stories from Cambodia and Vietnam

Song Performances

  • Acoustic performance featuring a floating market and an exciting rap battle
  • Medley of Southeast Asian and Japanese songs

Dance Performances

  • Traditional folk dances of the Philippines: Collaboration with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Philippines Cultural Dance Troupe
  • Vietnam’s Handwashing Dance that aims to educate the public on the importance of keeping one’s hands clean especially during the pandemic
  • Viral Tiktok and summery dances in Southeast Asia

Fashion Show

  • Spectacular fashion show showcasing traditional costumes and local mythical legends of the 10 ASEAN countries.


  • Test your knowledge on Southeast Asian culture and geography by participating in our quiz!and more!

and more!