ASCOJA stands for ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni.

In 1974, under the initiative from the late Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda (Minister of Finance at that time), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited former ASEAN students to a “Reunion of South East Asian Graduates from Japanese Universities”. The participants who had deepened their relationships through the reunion, together established ASCOJA in June 1977 with the purpose to foster the relationship and exchanges among Japan Alumni associations from the respective countries.

Vision-Mission of ASCOJA

"ASCOJA is the premiere Japan Alumni organization catalyzing friendship, education, culture and social relationships among its members towards dynamic ASEAN-Japan relations."

Cited from:

ASCOJA By-Laws (2016)

ASCOJA Chapters - Japan Alumni Associations

ASCOJA consists of Japan Alumni Associations in 10 ASEAN countries.
ASEAN member states
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia.

ASCOJA acts as an umbrella body for Japan Alumni associations in ASEAN countries. Together with the Japanese embassy from each respective country, it also acts as a conduit to promote Japanese culture and Japanese language.

■ ASCOJA Chapters - Japan Alumni Associations  Study in Japan 「 帰国留学生会とは 」>>

■ ASCOJA Chapters - Japan Alumni Associations
Study in Japan 「 帰国留学生会とは 」>>

ASJA International was established in April 2000, as the Japanese counterpart of ASCOJA.

With the support of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ASJA annually welcomes ASJA-MEXT scholarship nominees from each ASCOJA chapter of the respective country. Apart from conducting exchange programs for ASJA-MEXT studendts, ASJA also conducts support projects for ASCOJA and its chapters.

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