Exchange Program (FY2015)

ASJA implements exchange programs for ASJA-MEXT students who will become future leaders that act as a bridge between Japan and ASEAN.

New student welcome party

A welcome party is held for new students which is attended by representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, other related organizations as well as former ASJA-MEXT students.

New student orientation

New ASJA-MEXT students attend an overnight retreat to deepen their understanding of the purpose of ASJA’s establishment, its 15-year history, programs and characteristics in addition to developing an awareness and appreciation of their mission as ASJA-MEXT students.

Tochigi Prefecture Oyama home stay (for first-year students)

The students participate in a home stay for about five days to learn about Japanese culture and lifestyles through Japanese family life.

Shizuoka Prefecture Iwata home stay (for first-year students)

The students participate in a home stay for about five days to learn about Japanese culture and lifestyles through Japanese family life.

Program for building cross-cultural exchange networks

A five-day retreat is held for the students to introduce their own cultures, participate in discussions with Japanese university students, and experience Japanese culture (e.g. traditional performing arts).

(1) ASEAN Festival rehearsal

“ASEAN Festival” rehearsal

(2) School visits for international education

The international students are sent to Japanese elementary schools as instructors to assist in teaching about their country’s culture and customs. In addition to increasing their understanding of ASEAN countries, these visits contribute to educating children to not hold prejudices by introducing the Japanese children and students to different cultures.

(3) ASEAN Festival

The festival is a program which is planned and produced by the ASJA-MEXT students. Representatives and general guests are invited on the day of the event to enjoy presentations about the students’ native cultures, dance and fashion shows as well as a networking event with the participants.

(4) ASJA International Exchange Workshop for ASEAN-MEXT Scholarship Recipients and Japanese University Students

The ASJA-MEXT students who are aiming to become future leaders in each ASEAN country and the Japanese university students who are expected to play an active role as Japan’s global experts participate in a three-day exchange retreat at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center to learn about each other’s cultures and exchange opinions in English about future issues between Japan and each ASEAN country to deepen their mutual understanding.

(5) Japanese cultural experience

The students are provided with an opportunity to be exposed to traditional Japanese culture through a one-day Japanese cultural experience. The program for FY2015 introduces the students to Noh drama and Kyogen comedic drama.

Cultural program to experience regional industries (for second and third-year students)

Second and third-year ASJA-MEXT students travel for four days to Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi, and Fukushima prefectures to visit Japanese companies, match the students with companies, and experience regional cultures.

Completion ceremony

A ceremony is held for the ASJA-MEXT students to mark the completion of the program.

Program to support the activities of the Japan Alumni Associations (FY2015)

ASJA implements programs to support the alumni activities of the Japan Alumni Associations in each country which make up its ASCOJA counterpart.

(1) Participation in the ASCOJA General Meeting and ASCOJA Board of Directors

The institution participates in the ASCOJA General Meeting which is held once every two years and the annual ASCOJA Board of Directors meeting to deepen ties with the Japan Alumni Associations in each ASCOJA country.

(2) ASCOJA symposia in various fields

Since 2015, symposia have been held four times per year in various fields such as personnel exchange and business exchange.

(3) Online platform

ASJA has posted ASCOJA related information on its web site since FY2015 to strengthen its support of the ASCOJA network in addition to further improving coordination and cooperation with ASCOJA.