Exchange Programs

ASJA conducts exchange programs for ASJA-MEXT students, who are the Japanese government-sponsored international students from 10 ASEAN countries, with the aim of helping them master the Japanese language, understand Japanese culture and people, and become future bridge leaders between Japan and ASEAN countries.

Network Building Programs for new ASJA-MEXT students

Programs for Cross-Cultural Network Building

The program includes introduction of their own culture, discussion with Japanese university students, and experience of Japanese culture (traditional performing arts, etc.).

Japanese Lifestyle Experience: Homestay Program

Study Trip for understanding local industry and culture in Prefectures of Japan

Completion Ceremony

Supporting ASCOJA and Japan Alumni Associations

ASJA, as a counter part of ASCOJA, has been supporting the activities of ASCOJA and Japan Alumni Associations in each country. In addition, ASJA also carries out supportive projects for strengthening ASJA and ASCOJA network.

ASJA-ASCOJA Network strengthening support

ASJA organizes international symposia with its counterpart ASCOJA and Japan Alumni Associations to strengthen the network of ASJA-ASCOJA.
ASJA also utilizes a collaboration platform, in order to foster the online communication between ASJA and ASCOJA.