ASEAN Festival

The Japan-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Program, also known as ‘ASEAN Matsuri’, is planned, and implemented solely by ASJA-MEXT students. They oversee all aspects of the program, from the ideation stage to scheduling, setting up the venue, and the performances on the day itself.

Students are divided into groups based on their country or respective responsibilities. They then discuss the contents of their proposed program and are in charge of the overall project management.

In addition, one representative from each ASEAN country is chosen to form an executive committee, and a President and two vice-Presidents are elected. The committee works closely with the Secretariat to form various groups that have different responsibilities, such as publicity, venue arrangement, and audio-visual tasks in the lead up to the program.

The main contents of ASEAN Matsuri include but are not limited to: interactive segments that introduce the traditional cuisine, dance and costumes of ASEAN countries as well as symposiums that present on academic topics. All of these are planned out meticulously by the students and are sure to fascinate many.

A booth that has always been a hit amongst attendees is the ‘Snack Party’ which features snacks from respective ASEAN countries.

Through this program, ASJA-MEXT students can not only refine their ability to relay their countries’ charms to attendees, but also learn more about project management, teamwork, and most importantly leadership.

This also gives ASEAN members an opportunity to understand each other’s countries better and work together.
Besides a sense of achievement after the Matsuri, ASJA-MEXT students will also have a deeper bond with each other than before.