Japanese lifestyle experience: Homestay Program

In this program which targets new ASJA-MEXT students, they will get to experience Japanese cultures and lifestyles through living in a Japanese household.

During the homestay program, many Japanese culture experience programs will be held as well. For example, besides tea ceremony, calligraphy, and "taishogoto", students will also get to see traditional industries and modern technologies.

In recent years, Oyama homestay in Tochigi prefecture and Iwata homestay in Shizuoka prefecture have been organized for 5 days respectively. By staying in ordinary Japanese families, ASJA-MEXT students have a chance to experience firsthand the usual life and values of Japanese people.

ASJA-MEXT Students have regularly praised this event as their host family treats them like a part of their family as well.

There has been praise from host families as well, who warmly welcome ASJA-MEXT students. They have given comments such as ‘We have been able to learn more about ASEAN countries, and through interaction with ASJA-MEXT students, our interest in ASJA and ASCOJA has also deepened’.

Before participating in the homestay, like our other programs, the students will first study up on the place they will be staying at using detailed handouts given out by ASJA Secretariat. Through doing this, their learning on location will be even more effective.

This is a valuable chance to sense the reality of life in Japan for the students by staying in an ordinary Japanese household. It would deepen their understanding about Japanese people. Furthermore, many of the students have said that this experience made them appreciate Japan and Japanese people even more.

One feature of this program is that after participating in the homestay, the students proactively study Japanese and practice conversing in Japanese increases remarkably.

ASJA-MEXT students are expected to become leader and act as a bridge between ASEAN countries and Japan. Thus, by staying in a Japanese household, they can contribute meaningfully to grassroots cultural communication between Japan and ASEAN.