School Visits for Global Awareness Education

ASJA students will be dispatched as lecturers to local elementary, middle, or high schools. They will present on ASEAN countries’ cultures as cultural ambassadors, as well as communicate with the younger generation of Japan about Japan-ASEAN relations. By helping Japanese students deepen their understanding of ASEAN countries and of the diversity of cultures, it will contribute to improving their understanding of international relations and cooperation.

The topics covered in the lectures are such as Exchange of opinions with elementary students about Japan and ASEAN, cooking lessons, fashion show where ASJA-MEXT students model their traditional costumes, presentations with middle school students about respective education systems, performing "wadaiko" with high school students, and so on. These can help build a foundation for deeper cultural exchange with Japanese students.

This is also an important experience for the younger generation of Japan to learn about ASEAN countries’ cultures, and in turn, ASJA-MEXT students will get to experience the Japanese educated system firsthand.